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Rent_Board-Rapist Style
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The sane one of the group-now do you realize how FUCKING NUTS (SECOND WAY) this group is? Can often be found flipping back and forth between YIM convos and LJ, eyes crossed. Is hopelessly addicted to watching Anthony do that adorable little butt-wiggle in LVB and Java Chip Frappuccinos. Manoel is her newest victim and-er, she MEANS, object of admiration. Believes that Adam and Anthony are really having an affair and don't give a shit about what Cybele thinks. Meh, maybe they do. But they don't show it. Also believes that one day, she will be with the other board rapists. NYC will TREEEEEEEMBLE.


Arguably the least sane, Adora enjoys walks on the beach, falling down stairs, staring at Raul Esparza, ignoring the fact that Raul has an accent over the u in his name because she doesn't know how to do that, and crushing hopelessly on cute gay boys. Some of these past times she enjoys less than others. Her goal in life is to meet the other board rapists, and she apparently finds amusement in talking in 3rd person. And yes, Angel, Adam and Anthony are having an affair. Or at least they were. And Rodney is more important than Cybele, but maybe that's because Rodney's just cuter.

The girl that would whore herself for Anthony Kat

lyke zomg?!?1?!/11? what eva will i rit? Umm I'm the grpahics whore here.... I make shit... my shit is shiny... it has Anthony (word to ya mother) and no I don't always act black, it's just fun. I never leave my computer and am the worst aim conversationlist you will ever find. When ever I see White chocolate I think of Anthony. And whenever I eat Anthony I become a perv. I have many many many many inside jokes/icons feel free to ask for explanations